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zeitmaschine.analog.rave is an analog photographic chronicle of the early techno years (1991-1997) zeitmaschine means Time Machine and I had the feeling that you can beam into another time while viewing the pictures.

Sometimes I remember certain pieces of music or smells when looking at the pictures and they act as a source of inspiration.
zeitmaschine is showcasing people bringing this time
to life, exhibiting the fashion, the lifestyle and the artists.
.no internet .no smartphones .no social media My photos are a kind of “visualized confirmation of existence“.
The “I was there” effect sets in and the children or grandchildren can see what the “oldies” were up to.
I tried to take the pictures
the same way the situation was.
There was a time in before the picture,
then the picture and afterwards
we celebrated together again.
is a unique contemporary document of this time.
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