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Why do you feel people
are so interested in
them now?
That was our youth and we were young
as we experienced that time.
Everyone is interested in his own history
and the images are sometimes a type of evidence
vthat you really witnessed these things.
Also, at that time there was no selfie-generation
constantly taking pictures of themselves.
Many people write me that they are happy about
these pictures, because they activate their memories.
The zeitmaschine photos are a kind of promoter.
They reactivate the past, sometimes I can even describe
the smell of the past when I look at an image.
As a chronicler of the period, I may well be a little
proud of being at the right place at the right time
and to have had the camera at hand.
How does it feel
to look back on them?
I enjoy while viewing having witnessed such good time.
The photos are time documents and the viewer
only becomes aware of many things in retrospect.
For example, we then didn’t have the best fashion taste
but that was not really noticed in the dark clubs
But therefore we had a lot of really cool locations  
only accessible through mountains of rubble.
A lot was illegal and was therefore twice as much fun.
What do you want people
to take away
from your photos?
I would be pleased if the people who look
at my pictures understand that it does not matter
whether one is gay or straight, black or white,
big or small, designer clothes or second hand.
Back then we felt no real differences.
We just had fun together.
We made many new discoveries
together and used the time to find our limits
and let the energy flow.
what did it feel
you were capturing
your photographs?
I've always been taking pictures and during
this eventful time it was of course something like
the visual evidence of my partying. At the time,
I did not think that I was something of a chronicler.
I just took pictures of what was around me,
what interested me, what I found entertaining.
It's nice that today it shows people a time that
they may not have experienced.
What do the pictures
represent to you?
The images represent an era, just like Woodstock
stands for a certain period of time.
The images are full of energy and show people
how they celebrated totally offline.

A time without internet,
digital networking,
and mobile phones
recorded by analog photography.
When films only had 36 shots and the
development could take a week.
We had danced and lived techno
even though we were totally analog kids.
What was the
Rave Community?
No one paid attention to where you came from,
what you did and what you were wearing.
The music was the common denominator.
Hooligans were celebrating with gays,
something unthinkable today.
We were actually techno hippies.
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